Adam A. Johnson M.Ed.

Academic Services

My Academic Coaching focuses on improving the performance of executive functioning: organization, prioritization, planning, and task completion. My student-centered practice focuses on school performance and reducing confusion in the college environment. The student and I carefully review their current agenda, syllabi, course assignments, emails, and announcements from professors to ensure they are on top of all tasks. We also make sure they have daily and weekly plans to follow and I check in to ensure accountability. In addition, I usually combine these actions with expert tutoring.


I have over 20 years experience in one-to-one tutoring with all types of learners (10,000+ hrs). My training, expertise, patience, and natural teaching abilities allow me to easily connect with students. I never criticize and am constantly supportive with the aim of completing at-hand assignments to maximize student’s GPA. Higher grades creates joy and self-confidence which translates to increased motivation and more success. I can tutor nearly all subjects through the collegiate level: specializing in writing, all of the humanities (Literature, History, Philosophy, Theology), Sociology and Psychology, Communication and Business courses, math through Pre-Calculus, general science, and more.


Student counseling includes academic planning, course selection and registration, trouble-shooting any current problems in courses, getting accommodations, and/or situations involving professors or fellow students. My experience as a Supported Educational Specialist in a psychiatric counseling environment with Arlington, VA, Behavioral Health Division has provided me the tools and experience to counsel young adults. Discussions can range into any topic that students feel are important and help to build and strengthen our academic and professional relationship, as well as provides much needed support in these areas, especially as related to transition into adulthood.


At the discretion of the student, parents often play a large role in helping guide support for the student, as they know their young adult children better than anyone. Therefore, I often work with parents to identify the student’s immediate or long term academic and personal needs. I also work to fulfill parents’ goals for their students and am frequently in contact via text, email, and phone to update, check-in, or receive new information. I also provide my advice and counsel on next steps for students regrading school, program, or course choice. Finally, but importantly, I also act as a liaison between student and parents if communication is currently an issue, honoring both sides of the conversation and seeking solutions for everyone.

My students are succeeding despite challenges with …

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Anxiety Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Cognitive Dis/Abilities



Executive Functioning

Intellectual Dis/Abilities

Learning Dis/Abilites







Study Skills

Test Anxiety

Test-Taking Strategies

Time Management

Transition to College

My Service Approach

My approach is student-centered, supportive, and empowering. I never criticize and only uplift through positive interaction and encouraging forward momentum. All students are entirely unique and therefore my interactions are tailored to their personal profiles and goals. The common elements of all my sessions with students are positive momentum and increased performance.